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1. Isolation and Pressure Relief Valve Set
2. UMC-117 Main Controller
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5. USC2-117 Bath and Shower Controller

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Paloma Tankless Water Heaters at PalomaStore.com :: Accessories :: USC1-117 Bath and Shower Controller

USC1-117 Bath and Shower Controller
USC1-117 Bath and Shower Controller 
Allows you to set water temperature anywhere from 100? to 120? F (If you need a higher setpoint, the UMC-117 Main Controller may allow higher settings, check your manual). This remote allows you select a temperature for your bath or shower independently of the main remote. Simply turn on the USC1-117 and the setting will be changed to the temperature you have set the USC1-117 to. When you turn the USC1-117 off, control is automatically restored to the Main Controller.

While hot water is running, the USC1-117 will allow you to lower the water temperature or raise it up to 112? F, but no higher.

SKU USC1-117
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $119.00


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